How this disease changes the shape of your cells – Amber M. Yates


Dig into the science of how a single genetic mutation alters the structure of hemoglobin and leads to sickle-cell disease.

What shape are your cells? Squishy cylinders? Jagged zig-zags? You might not spend a lot of time thinking about the bodies of these building blocks, but microscopically, small variations can have huge consequences. And while some adaptations change these shapes for the better, others can spark debilitating complications. Amber Yates dives into the science of the malignant sickle-cell mutation.

Lesson by Amber M. Yates, directed by Axon Animation LLC.

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  1. So you're telling me, that if I have SCDm then I can walk around where there is tons of Malaria, and I can just walk around like a god? Damn.

  2. I know this video is serious and all. But why did the thumbnail look like someone was tryna craft these different red blood cells out of sticks in a very large crafting table in minecraft.

  3. I don't have sickle cell disease but it sounds bad and no joke the sickle cells look like smiles

    Edit: the sickle cell are smiles are a smile of death

  4. Thank you for this vid! I have the SS mutation (the worse kind) and I found as I got older the more I really understood what was happening to me because of research, good docs and videos like this. I’m hoping we find a cure soon!


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