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Europa is the smallest of Jupiter’s Galilean Moons… and it could be a second Earth for the human race in the future! In this video, Unveiled travels halfway across the solar system to weigh up the pros and cons of living on Europa. Scientists already think that life might exist beneath the icy moon’s surface, in vast oceans of liquid water… but what else do we need to know about this distant, amazing world?

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  2. humans can live on any space adventure, they just need to export water and what humans need.,., Humans have to setup large fleets of rockets to colonize…

  3. Why would we need to live under water? If there's 10 to 15 miles of ice, why not live a mile or two down, in ice caves, sealed with a suitable atmosphere.

  4. I think that if we find out that there is not life under the ice that we should take some extremophiles and sub plant them under the eyes that way if there is really cold water and it's conducive to the conditions of any life forms on our planet we put them there and if there are black smokers under the air we could plant some organisms around those as well and then see what happens why not play God once in a while I bet you it would feel good

  5. So if we went to Europa and there is no Life, is it possible to seed it with life from our planet? For example there are creatures that live in similar conditions like Tube Worms and different types of extreme bacteria that make energy without the sun. Would they be able to survive and evolve into different species over time in Europa’s Oceans?

  6. Why would bacterial and microbial life in liquid water not evolve into some kind of more complex life after all this time? It seems short sighted to assume that if there is any life there it would only be this.

    Europa > Mars

  7. Europa isn't fit for humans living there for any significant length of time but cyborgs and androids could live there on permanent basis and who knows they could even evolve into an entirely new intelligent species !

  8. Our creator intends us to utilise the entire solar system and beyond in any way we can. All in good time though.

  9. Yes when we invent the technology if we took away all technology including the most primitive technology we wouldn't be able to live in a lot of places we live now


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