How Did Sai and Ino Yamanaka Fall In Love? Inojin A New Heir – Boruto Explained


in this video we talk about Sai and Ino and talk about #boruto anime too which includes their son Inojin Yamanaka, How did these two exactly end up together, how did they fall in love in #naruto?

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  1. Saskue ain’t that bad and despite whatever u all nit rags think he actually likes sakura he just wanted to see if there was quality in there possible relationship. He also had different goals and when he was brought out of the darkness was when he actually started liking sakura.

  2. Dudes. I shipped InoShika since Day1 back then but for a second (at least last time I watched it a couple days ago) I started slowly seeing them as like siblings 😭 but only because everyone is paired up to their partners and InoShika arent cannon.

  3. So he basically had to lie to everyone about how he really feels so he wont get grilled LMAO This boi will be lying his whole life XDDD Does he even really love ino? imjk

  4. Hiruzen is the WORST Hokage except for the fact that he took Carr of Naruto and also Kakashi has done nothing as a Hokage too so yeah but we still love em all (except for Hiruzen I just don't like him)

  5. Nah most of their relationship is filler she just liked him cause she looked like Sasuke(the last canon moment of them is Ino literally having a fantasy of Sai and Sasuke fighting over her). Of course the anime tried to change that. And gave them a romance.

  6. IMO the letter congratulating sakura prolly on her pregnancy since in the future they have a child. the birthday makes sense tho but to crack a smile from adult sasuke it has to be huge


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