How dangerous will Atalanta be in the quarterfinals? | UEFA Champions League


Atalanta blasted Valencia for 8 goals over two legs in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 to book a spot in the quarterfinals. Can they sustain their blistering attack against the heavy hitters such as Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Liverpool? How dangerous will they be in the next round?

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  1. Juventus president said "Atalanta is not very suitable to play in the Champions League" hopefully Atalanta said that the president of Juventus was wrong

  2. How dangerous coronavirus be in the UEFA Champions League 😢😢😢

    It has already eliminated all the Italian teams and all other teams from the ucl even the leagues

  3. It’s sad to say but Bayern and city would probably win against them but who knows it’s the beautiful game

  4. Atalanta are more than able to defend, last serie A seasons are there to prove it, but they have to keep the light on. No surprises they conceded many chances just while leading 4-0 in the first leg and throughout the Entire second leg when, After the goal scored at the second minute, the contest Was basically over. I’m not saying they’ll win the competition, but for sure they’ll be more balance in the next round

  5. Gasperini has been killing it for ages at Atalanta. You’ve been under a rock if you’ve only heard of these guys now.

  6. The Run will be over in the Quarters now. Except they might get Leipzig. Or Lyon if they can somehow beat Juventus

  7. Trust me,they will not even have a chance quarter final coz they r so vulnerable in defence,if u gonna play against gd team ,no way guys sry to sry.

  8. They will do good in quarter-finals, but I think they will get edged out by a better team in the quarters or the semis if they go through

  9. This is idiotic.. everyone wants to excuse Tottenham because they had so many injuries, but no one says anything about Valencia.. they are plagued with injuries and their coach is trying to do miracles

  10. brava Atalanta, adelante con juicio… italiani perché scrivete in inglese, scrivete in dialetto… ogni uno il vostro. rendete gli inglesi intelligenti, fategli studiare l'italiano. sarà mei.

  11. How is nobody talking about 4 goals in the round auf 16 by a single player? xD If Penaldo did this with 2 penalties fanboys still would be screaming around.


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