How BubbleDeck Works


BubbleDeck System is a revolutionary construction method by eliminating concrete from the neutral axis of a floor slab that is structurally not performing, as a result dramatically reducing in Dead Weight.

The BubbleDeck System is based upon patented integration technique – the direct way of linking air and steel. Void formers inside the flat slab eliminates at least 30% of a slab’s dead weight.

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  1. I just watched a Science Channel show on disasters and the collapse of a parking garage using bubble concrete. It wasn't the concrete itself that caused the problem it was human error cuz of course if you put the spans the wrong direction and there's nothing underneath it's going to collapse duh. I'm not even a contractor and I get that. But what I'm curious about is because there is air in these balls, how does it deal with temperature change, being that air condenses and cold and expands in warm?


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