How a Bowling Alley Works


Here is an animation I did that shows how a bowling alley works. This particular design is taken mostly from Brunswick’s pinsetter. The ball return is taken from AMF’s Gripper ball lift. Please note that I wasn’t going for an exact representation of a particular type of bowling alley. This was just to demonstrate the basic understanding of how it all works. I created the geometry in 3ds max and the animation was done in Cinema 4D. I then used After Effects to compile everything and to add sound effects etc.

Logo & Scorecard Design by Jordan Miller
Special Thanks to 3DKiwi

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  1. The pinsetting control computer…powered by Windows XP. Better update to Windows 10,…oh, wait…that will really mess it up. Better switch to Linux instead :D.

  2. what happens to a pin that goes into the ball return from the lane, this happened several times that I have seen and all that we saw/heard was it disappearing into the pit that is the ball return. Everything came back with no delays, so what happened to the pin 😂😂🤣


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