How 1 Man Survived Being Lost 438 Days at Sea


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  1. Respect the boat for traveling in such a straight line for over a year

    Also I wonder if the person living in Ebony Atoll was trying to break a record time without seeing any humans

  2. Honestly, even if he did eat the other guy I hardly blame him. Dude spent a year and a half stuck on a shitty little boat in the middle of the ocean. Your morals mean less as you become more desperate.

  3. The weather started getting rough
    The tiny canoe was tossed
    If not for the courage of Juan Valdez the lil’ catamaran would be lost.

  4. Imagine if his boat never kept sailling to the side but sailed to the south, untill he reached the south pole , he got real lucky

  5. Seems he got very lucky with rainwater collection to survive seeing as he only used a sweatshirt to cover himself from the beaming sun. Plus the cuts and scabs forming from the salt water?

  6. gets back after over a fcking year at sea and gets sued. Get real. How low do you have to be to sue a man that spent 438 days at sea, i'm sure that the guy would have provided the family with some money to help his friends family out…it's the honorable thing to do since they were both lost at sea for at least ~110 of those days. but to sue the guy…. god damn…..

  7. No way he survived 438 days I don't eat that he have to collect rain water in high temperatures how he will collect rain water in a small boat and to keep away from Sun , for eating ok he have fish but where he will find fresh water how he would do that except sea water if it is fresh but it's not ask the experts 438 it is very long time I don't believe that lie just like I don't believe in santa claus

  8. Uhmmm, your worldly model is totally wrong. All the contients are on top of the planet surrounding the Artic, which an entrance into the inner earth in the middle

  9. So what if he ate his dead friend!!! He was dead and wouldn't mind at all!! I find it to be very f**ked-up that the other family sued him! It just goes to show that you'll never see it all!!

  10. This is the most insane shit I have ever heard. Nevermind starvation or dying of thirst, the fact that he didn't get hit by another storm and drown or die from sun exposure is unfuckingbelievable


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