Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) Modern Apartment Tour + Helpful Tips!


I felt like there were a lack of these videos when I was apartment hunting so I made this to help out! This is a tour of my modern apartment in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam plus some tips on apartment hunting here.

For $700, I got a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom fully furnished place in District 2 with a gym and pool in the complex. Utilities are not included, but they end up being pretty cheap. The apartment complex is called Masteri Apartments.

**Important Fact**
Most locals refer to their city as Siagon instead of Ho Chi Minh. If you would like to learn more about that, please read the pinned comment below. I refer to the city in my video as Ho Chi Minh, because that is the official name that most foreigners know.

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  1. Very beautiful condo. Also, allow me to share some fun facts about the city you're living in. Ho Chi Minh real name was Nguyen Sin Cung and Ho Chi Minh city was formerly known as Saigon city. Saigon was found and established by the general Nguyen Huu Canh in 1698. Saigon eventually became Vietnam's largest economic city. Before the Vietnam War, Nguyen Sinh Cung (later known as Ho Chi Minh) went to China to gain military support to invade Saigon. During his stays in China, Nguyen Sinh Cung adopted a Chinese name – Ho Chi Minh. Later when Ho's government succeeded taking over Saigon, they changed the city name to Ho Chi Minh city. To many Vietnamese people living in Vietnam and aboard, the name Ho Chi Minh reminds them of war, deaths, and pain. Many Vietnamese people still feel allergic to the name Ho Chi Minh. However, the name Saigon not only easier to memorize, but it's not sensitive as Ho Chi Minh city. Thanks.

  2. That table sucks haha 😉 it is typically Asian. The stuff is of cheap quality if it breaks you just buy a new one.

  3. Why go all the way to an exotic foreign country just to live in a town that looks like a cheap replica of San Francisco?

  4. Hi, I love your videos very much. We are Vietnam Expat team. I would like to invite you to manage our channel if you don't mind.


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    Thank you!

  5. Wow! Vietnam is cool….Not too expensive compared to the Philippines…You cannot be running air conditioning out there for $50.00 or rent a modern apartment with 2 bed rms for $700.00

  6. How can people have such good eyes to tell you are mixed? To me you look Spanish, East European, or Hispanic. anyway, you are a beautiful and nice person.

  7. Do you have a video about Vinh Chung Hotel in District 1? https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0617138/?ref_=nv_sr_1

  8. Hi there ! We have serviced apartments at District 5 , Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam . Their prices are very suitable for short-time work and tour in Viet Nam . Our apartments are also at center of city. Taiwanese , Hong Kong people live here too large . Hope to serve you !

    WEBSITE : phuquythienthanh.com

    PHONE : 0938.899.890


  9. The Vietnam people fight against capitalism 45 years ago know this new generation like money 💵 so they actually enjoy become capitalism I don’t see communism no more in Vietnam 🇻🇳

  10. Thank you for your video Alison! You said it's buyer's market in rental market in October 2017. How about purchase an apartment? How much does a similar unit sell for? I am planning to visit Saigon in February 2018 and buy an apartment in District 2,4 or 7 for investment to hold and sell for a higher price in the future. Do you think it is a good plan? Do you know about the real estate market in Saigon?

  11. $700/mo. Wonder what a 1 bed costs at Masteri?
    That Honeycomb RE site has expensive units showing up!
    Also, the underlying deep anger over the city's name is not a good sign.

  12. You didn't really show what the kitchen was like. I looked at one two bedroom furnished apartment in Saigon for $700. Master had a king size bed, second bedroom had a queen size, had a full living room, full kitchen, two full baths and also a laundry room. The kitchen came with a full stove/oven just like in states and the apartment had maid service three times a week.

  13. Hi! Alison! It looks fantastic! Is it a compound like Riveria ? I hope you are good! Enjoy your time there! Looks awesome. Please PIN this! 😇

  14. I thought traffic was crazy out there. what kind of work do you and your boyfriend do? There was a Buffalo Wild wings in Saigon too or in the down town area

  15. When you guys come to Vietnam and looking for housing solutions. Just contact me via phone number 0962699839 Mr. Jack Dong nice guy

  16. Can you negotiate on the rent? Do you still live in this area? Are there better areas for expats to stay? How much is a one bedroom there? thanks.

  17. There are many website of apartments for rent in HCMC, so I recommend you web hellovietnamese.com
    It's high-tech and updated frequently about the available apartments.
    Anyone here will move in HCMC in near future?????


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