HGBF Build Strike Galaxy Cosmos Reviewed! | Gunpla TV 266


March is here and a new Build Fighters series is near! With the release of the new Gundam AGE II Magnum Bandai has announced that the new series will series will premiere on April 3rd! In addition to the AGE II Magnum the unique looking new HGBF Mrs. Loheng-Rinko is in as well as the MG Banshee Ver.Ka! And for this week’s review we have the HGBF Build Strike Galaxy Cosmos!

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Items shown in this video:

1/144 HGBF Build Strike Galaxy Cosmos

1/144 HGBD Gundam AGEII Magnum

1/144 HGBF Mrs. Loheng-Rinko

1/100 MG Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Ver.Ka

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  1. There are a lot of build fighters kit that are actually really good… I hope the new series will be good

  2. I feel like someone needs to turn that Build Strike Galaxy Cosmos into a Xenogears with all the back spikes its got going on.

  3. @hobbylink.tv
    4:28 Now you guys do memes? LOL
    Honestly, I'm looking forward to more RG kits from Build Fighters.
    MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee "Ver.Ka" should've been a P-Bandai release IMO.
    I hope that with Build Divers, Bandai might be convinced to give the MG Age series another shot and finish it up with:
    – AGE-1FG Gundam AGE-1 Full Glansa
    – AGE-3 Gundam AGE-3 Normal
    – AGE-3F Gundam AGE-3 Fortress
    – AGE-3O Gundam AGE-3 Orbital
    – AGE-FX Gundam AGE-FX
    – AGE-FX Gundam AGE-FX (FX Burst)
    – RGE-B790CW Genoace Custom
    – WMS-GB5 G-Bouncer
    – WMS-GEX1 G-Exes

  4. Macross is all about the music to bad we don't get localized versions in America cause of harmony gold at least we can get it subbed still

  5. Hope bandai will release Zaku 3.0 soon…….. I would like to build and snap it cuz zaku are the best Mobil suit unit that suit man 😂


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