Fix Your PC with Windows 10 PE


Fix Your PC with Windows 10 PE

In this video we will take a look at Hirens Boot CD with Windows 10 PE. Hirens Boot CD has not been updated in very long time until now.

Here is some of the things you can do with Windows 10 PE

* Recover Data for a computer that won’t boot.
* Backup a hard drive from a computer that wont boot.
* Remove malware from a computer that wont boot.
* Diagnose a dead computer.

and much more

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  1. Hello @britec09 , My C:drive system32 has been corrupted by a virus, I cannot access any settings to reset windows 10 for e.g (Settings>Windows Recovery > Reset PC to its default settings) it just goes to a black screen. I have watched your other videos on resetting windows 10 however, It will not let me reinstall windows 10 as my (C): drive system32 is corrupted .. how do i recover windows 10 default settings with hirensbootCD and reinstall it to its original state, I hope this made sense and I hope you get this!

  2. great video but can you please do a detail video on how to use the password removal software for SAM to remove a password. Thank you

  3. Shouldn't this video be named "Tools to fix your PC"? I have a broken PC and the vid doesn't include any instructions on how to fix it, nor does it give any real help on how to use PE–especially on a PC that won't even boot.

  4. You just saved my pc! While I was messing around in disk management, I receive a bad phone call and selected the wrong drive as active. With hiren and your video about yumi I was able to restart through bios and activated the correct partition. Everything is perfect again! Thank you thank you!!!

  5. hi i have problem with my ssd having some bad sector, so i decided to use hiren'sbootcd pe in the interface i don't know what is the tool to fix the problem , can you tell me please

  6. Some time ago you made a toolkit similar to this. Have you done this lately and if so where can one find the iso? Thanks for your hard work and excellent videos.


  7. Hi Bri !!! Awesome videos. I really enjoy all your videos and I've learned a lot over the years. I really enjoy your clear and positive professionalism. I'm having trouble creating a bookable USB drive with the new Hirens Boot PE. I can not the locate the video if you were able to make one. TY very much.

  8. i urgently need to reset my registry settings to default, can someone PLEASE help me?
    edit: it was the "FeatureTestControl". i changed the value data and now i can't adjust my screen brightness.

  9. Best news in years! I used to use DLC Boot with Windows 10 PE but lots of software did not work and some were buggy, can't wait to try out the new Hirens Boot. Cheers!

  10. Hey bro, what's the difference between This version and 15.2 ?, does this have all features that 15.2 had, or this has only NEW features without old ones, like Hacking Admin password haha

  11. This is so awesome, I can combine all my diff USB flash drives with all my diff recover & system tools to help diagnose issues. Granted, gonna keep my own, but also gonna try this as well! Thx so much!

  12. I miss you Bro Britec. 😍❤️ ilove all ur videos I learned a lot😎🙌🏻. All my friends come to me if they have A problem on they’re pc or laptop i watch your video to fix they’re pc. Ty👍🏻😊 keep it up.

  13. Bro plz show how to install chrome os in VirtualBox me and my frndz searching but we can't find on internet.. In your previous Chrome video you said you will upload that video


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