FIX Bootrec /fixboot "Access is denied" on Windows


In this video, I show you how to fix Bootrec /fixboot “Access is denied” on Windows.
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1. Open cmd as administrator.
2. Type: diskpart
3. Type: list disk
4. Type: select disk 0
5. Type: list volume
6. Type: select volume (your number)
7. Type: assign letter=v:
8. Type: exit
9. Type: v:
10. Type: md efimicrosoftboot
11. Type: cd /d :efimicrosoftboot
12. Type: bootrec /fixboot
13. Type: bcdboot c:windows /l en-us /s v: /f all
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  1. Thank you very much. It is working. I did every step (it gave me a problem too at step fixboot, but i continued and restarted) and it worked.


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