FF7 Remake Build


SOLD! US$6000 raised for Doctors Without Borders!

For info on how my auctions work check out:

Bids to: Bellexim@yahoo.co.uk or facebook.com/michaelcthulhu over on the bookface.

I will personally cover the first US$200 of shipping.

Bareny Zeitz:

Opening and closing music by Destroying the Devoid:

Intro Graphics by:

Marc is trying to launch a Youtube channel go say hello:

My Patreon: #biggiantswords



  1. I’ll pay you the same for this. I’m serious. This is exactly what I’m looking for. I can’t believe I’m so late finding.

  2. Did you know the FF7 remake is coming out right before my birthday is here. 4-10🤏🏾 4-11 🤏🏾 that’s my Birthday date, And the other one is when the game comes out

  3. I'll be giving this guy some cash on Patreon as soon as I can. Absolutely love his videos good camera work, I like listening to him talk and the fact he indulges FF Fans with his stuff fucking awesome.

  4. The light on the back side of the hole to locate the balls reminds me of working at a die shop u would think lining up a die would be more accurate with measurements but in the end…the eye and a little light lines it all up. I'm slowing getting through all your videos very nice!

  5. I would love to see the Advent Children sword that Cloud uses. Its like 7 swords in one was it? I WANT TO SEE THAT HAPPEN!!!!!

  6. Love your work, can tell you do too. personally I would love to own/do this myself you have an awesome talent brother, keep at it

  7. Looks great I wish I had the time to sit here and watch an hour and a half video but I'll try and get to it when I can it would be awesome if you could attempt or make the Brotherhood


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