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Recent advancements in technology have made fat grafting more effective and more popular than ever before. In the past, traditional methods of fat purification were not as effective at removing contaminants such as blood, debris, oil and connective tissue, which caused the overall viability of the fat cells and tissue to be lower. With PureGraft’s micro-filtration system, we are able to significantly improve the level of purification of the harvested fat, increasing the longevity to the fat that is being transferred. After we remove fat during liposuction or localized harvesting, the fat is processed through micro-filtration then infused with growth factors like platelet-rich plasma or PRP and stem cells to further increase viability. We then inject the purified and enhanced tissue into the body in very small amounts in the different layers of the muscle and tissue to replace lost volume and build over time, replacing lost volume in areas of the body that naturally lose shape as we age. Fat is typically harvested from the arms, abdomen, flanks and thighs. For men, common areas of the body the fat is transferred to include the buttock, chest, shoulders, arms and calves while women generally want volume added to the face, buttock, breasts and cellulite. The results seen after 6-12 weeks are permanent and can be supported with fillers, Sculptra which stimulates longterm collagen production, or even more fat if desired. Overall, the latest technological advancements in micro-filtration and purification make fat grafting to contour the body is safe and effective.


Dr. Jason Emer is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic, laser and procedural dermatology, including facial sculpting with fillers and hi definition body contouring transformations in West Hollywood, California.

To schedule a consultation or appointment, email appointments@jasonemermd.com or call 424.320.0813.


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