External 2.5" Inch IDE / PATA HDD Casing USB 2.0 for LAPTOP , Notebook HARD DISK Unboxing


External 2.5″ Inch IDE / PATA HDD Casing USB 2.0 for LAPTOP,Notebook HARD DISK Unboxing.
I have 40GB PATA hard drive and I want to use it as USB external hard disk so I get this nice Hard Disk convertor and try it. It done work perfect.
Buy this product for your laptop 2.5 inch hard disk. For desktop hard disk do not buy, as desktop hard disk is of 3.5 inch.

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Brand- Quantum India

Interface-USB 2.0

Casing Type-IDE / PATA

Stability-GMRE Reluctance Technique

Power Consumption-Very Low

Power Source-USB Port of Laptop


Operating System-Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, VISTA

Body Material-Aluminium – for a perfect hold & cooling

Plug & Play-Yes

HDD Activity LED Light on Back Panel-Yes

Maximum Support Capacity-1 TB

Nguồn: https://quydinh.com

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  1. Hey boss i also oderd the same product but i didn't got that Y headed cable. And i can't see my hhd in this pc

  2. i have old hardisk pls help me which case can i buy i send photo of that hardrive pls give me whatsapp number


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