English on the Street – Lesson 1 Video 5 – How to Go Shopping in English


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English On the Street is an online ESL class designed to help you improve your English anywhere in the world. How do Americans and native English speakers talk and get around? We often use phrasal verbs, which are two and three-word phrases learned from childhood that are naturally learned.

This video is part 5 of an introductory free lesson for the English on the Street online ESL class. This lesson walks you through a local home and kitchen supply store in Fort Collins, CO. The owner of The Cupboard even took time to visit with us!

This class is designed to teach common English phrasal verbs and other English vocabulary related to specific topics such as shopping, ordering food, and learning how to get around in the United States with certain words.

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  1. Different way of teaching English 😊
    I enjoyed a lot watching this video although I get bored quickly from Long videos but here I didn't find it boring at all.

  2. Ive taught ESL for almost 10 years. I cannot understand why so many ESL videos 1) speak so fast, 2) use English jargon and idioms that non native speakers cannot understand. This video is for an advanced speaker.

  3. Hello everybody I'm from Venezuela I want to Thank for this excellent vídeo, that is very useful to me and I can improve my English skill .

  4. It's really hard to find "authentic" English conversations on Youtube. Thank you so so much for making this awesome video!

  5. I subscribed at second 30 only for your accent, I like this accent a lot.
    and also you have a great content


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