Edit Faster! AUTOMATICALLY Name and Sort Your Videos in Adobe Bridge BEFORE Editing in Premiere Pro


We’ve all been there – hundreds of video clips from your phone, as well as your DSLR. Nightmare! Shooting with an app for your gimbal as well makes it worse, producing files that look like they’ve been made up by monkeys with typewriters! BUT FEAR NOT. In a few simple steps you can automatically rename hundreds or thousands of files of video footage to get them all in date and time order… BEFORE you start your edit. Sanity awaits!

Hope these tips help 🙂 Thanks for watching!

Treat yourself to some tried-and-tested gear…
Shoot video on your phone? You NEED this:
DSLR of choice:
Wide lens:
Prime lens:
Budget fill light: (runs on my camera batteries)
Mic: (old but gold!) with
Monopod: with fluid head
Tripod: (an older model of this)
Move your footage FAST:
What, you STILL don’t have any variable ND filters (like I didn’t until recently!)? (77mm) and (58mm)
Lug all your gear in comfort:



  1. Hi David, thanks for making this tutorial. It was very simple to follow. Unfortunately most of us don't understand the value in logging and organisation until it is too late. Adobe Bridge is now part of my full stack editing workflow!


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