Dota 2 TI7 Trove Carafe 2017 chest opening! (With rares!) [Giveaway #60]


Trove Carafe 2017 is here!!

This treasure contains following items:

Origins of Faith – Anti Mage
Primal Paean – Beastmaster
Mantle of Grim Facade – Shadow Demon
Alluvion Prophecy – Oracle
Pyrexaec Floe – Jakiro
Bitter Lineage – Troll Warlord
Concord Dominion – Phantom Lancer
Bracers of the Aeons – Faceless Void
Magus Accord – Invoker (Rare 1/20)
Golden Trove Carafe 2017 (Very Rare 1/40)
The International 2017 Mystery Courier (Extremely Rare 1/60)


Club Purple is looking for any level 500+ members for The International 7 Battle pass!!

The Club is an elite group of players with level 1000+ Compendium on TI6, Level 500+ Compendium on TI7, TI5, TI4, DAC, Fall Major, or Level 100+ Winter Majors.

The Club is formed for discussion on cosmetics, matchmaking, and patchnotes for like-minded people. (Only one of the above requirements is needed)

If you meet the requirement, please contact me via Discord! Having a screenshot handy if you can. Thank you very much!


Giveaway Details:
1. Fill up the Google Forms:
2. Do not add me on Steam for giveaways. Winner will be notified and posted here. Doing so will disqualify you.
3. At least 300 hours played on Dota.
4. The winner will be announced and contacted after Aug 14th

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  1. yo eternity im 2.680k level on bp i bought this shit but i cant seem to find the other items in market sell icon

  2. Damn 1st try get rare? My friend buyed 11 chest still did't even get the invoker arms.He say , should just buy it on market. lol

  3. Rather than u waste abit of ur money on dota item, better get a better cpu. I saw u hving high fps just now.


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