Dominic Copeland – Abuse



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  1. 14 years ago my ex put his cigarette out in my face .. the police were called he was arrested. The burn went away about a month later, he admitted doing it to one of the cops. I never saw him again after that .. I was told by one of the responding cops a few months later he got 18 months in jail with a felony assault on his record.

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  3. I met a guy who was very nice to start with but one night showed his violent side and twice tried to hit me that same night. One in public and the other in my apartment. When he came towards me I told him to think better before doing it cause he would never see me again. He stood in front of me in a threatening way, laughed and left. Fortunately I was leaving the country and got far from him. He tried to contact me again but I just told him to never call me again.

  4. I know what it's like to have hide from your friends, because of bruising. The problem I have is i'm in love with a guy and always say something to make him mad so i deserve it.

  5. If you're watching this video then you know someone who is being abused. It's embarrassing when your GP presents you with a sizeable dozier that is your medical records, and then begins to read every one of the findings to you. Then the police magically appear, and they accompany you to your home where you collect your things in the presence of your little "schnookem wookem" who happens to be responsible for those many trips to the ER. Against all odds, I've lived to be an old guy and have outlived my abusers (Yes, there was more than one until I finally got therapy.) Now, it's only my x-rays that show scars from my past.


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