DIY | Convert Laptop DVD Drive Into USB External DVD Drive [Hindi-हिंदी]


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  1. Look at the price of that thing stupid. If I add 600 more I cat get a new Asus DVD drive, or if add 500 then HP DVD drive.
    U R stupid. Admit it

  2. Hi friend I know that you are using Lenovo g50 70 laptop . I am also using the same . I have one issue is that while using the laptop it scrolls automatically I can't do anything while using word,YouTube any thing else I can't do anything. Can you help it would be very helpful for me

  3. Hi mere pas ek purana laptop dvd/ cd drive hai jo mai nikal ke apne naye laptop jisme cd drive nahi hai .. use karna chahta hu but uska sahi cable nahi mil raha hai.. product hai sony NEC optiarc ka aur model AD-7530 A

  4. Sir I did what you shown , but my dvd is not showing light and the usb icon went to hidden icons in my computer , kindly suggest me a solution.

  5. i want more portability! what if i use a usb hub to connect the power N data cable to a single usb 3.0 (more powerful than 2.0) can i burn dvds without overloading and eventually burning up my laptop's usb 3 port and the motherboard? its urgent so please reply as soon as possible

  6. all reviews for these casings are low while the ratings for USB 2.0 to 7+6 13Pin cables are very good, what should i go for then?

  7. sir I have a issue when I doing my job a pin with spring extract from dvd writer I don't know frm whr but I realize it would be a spring of throw out side of front pannel
    abhi mujhe eject karte samay paresani ho rahi hai eject button dabane k baavjood khud baahar nahi aa rahi so plz solve this issue


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