DIY _ Sewing Jinbei _ Kimono for kid _ May áo kimono đơn giản cho bé


DIY _ Sewing Jinbei _ Kimono for kid _ May áo kimono đơn giản cho bé
In this tutorial, I made a Jinbei – style shirt for my 2 years old baby by home sewing machine. I’m trying to show you the simplest way to sew it up. It’s easy and quick. Hope you will enjoy 😀

Cách may áo Jinbei đơn giản cho bé. May đúng kiểu Jinbei thì hơi phức tạp tí nên mình đã đơn giản các bước để cho ra một món đồ na ná gần giống jinbei như trong clip, mặc vẫn thoải mái và mát mẻ ạ. Chúc các chị em may vá vui vẻ 😀

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  1. I am so sorry about the wrong measurements at the front pieces of the shirt in this video. If you're following this tutorial, please update the measurements below 😀 Specifically at 00:38:
    Width shoulder = 1/2 (Bust / 2 + 8cm) – 6cm -> (1/2 of the total width of the front minus 6cm)
    Width front piece = 3/4 (Bust / 2 + 8cm) -> (3/4 of the total width of the front)
    Thank you so much 😀

  2. All Japanese style clothes should be made left-over-right. This pattern makes the shirt right-over-left, which is reserved for deceased people. Otherwise a very lovely design!

  3. Chị ơi nếu may cổ áo theo chữ y ngược là áo của người mất đó nên mong Chị sửa lại!😊

  4. 素敵な柄ですね!

  5. Hi, do you have sewing tutorial for the jinbei pants as well? You did a really great job in this video. It's easy to follow and such a great help!

  6. Hello. Thank you so much. My daughter wants kimono wraps for her baby when it’s born. I’m a novice sewer so needed a. Video. This is so clear. Just need to find sizes for new born – six months

  7. Bonjour, j'adore, vraiment très facile à réaliser comme toujours, je vous remercie pour tous ces tutos facile et agréable à coudre… Muriel

  8. Người xinh đẹp ơi, em may được áo rồi, chị có video hướng dẫn may quần của bộ này không ạ :D. Em cảm ơn chị ạ

  9. This tutorial is very easy to follow. The wrong measurement is not a prob to me because I make the pattern from an old top which surely has the appropriate numbers already. Cảm ơn bạn đã làm video này nhé. Mình thấy rất hữu ích.

  10. Chị ơi cho em hỏi, sao chỗ cổ áo khó may quá ạ. E thấy chị may dễ nhưng e ko làm giống dc. Ngay cái chỗ vuông đó e ko đi sợi viền đẹp đc

  11. The pre-assembly of this kimono will be the dead man's clothes. Please make the left and right in reverse.

  12. Thanks for the lovely tutorials. Could you kindly show us how you made the pant for the kimono as well please to complete the tutorial?

  13. thank you for your video 😊. However, i am having a difficulty in understanding the pattern size. could you elaborate more what does it mean by 1/2 bust + 8cm? and for the back peace, it says 34cm x 40cm. Does it mean that 34cm is the kid's shoulder width? Thank you….


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