Dig to Build Underground House and Underground Swimming Pool – 1


Dig to Build Underground House and Underground Swimming Pool – 1

Mr.Heang Update: In this video I’m going to show you about how to build the most beautiful underground house with swimming pool in front of villa by #Primitive #Architecture #Design with very simple hand tools and ancient skill !

A bout this project I been working hard for 21 days to build it up !!!

Hope you like this video. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below my video. I am happy for your constructive feedback.

Thanks you very much.
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  2. Hi, thanks for sharing this great video's. I noticed you use Termite hills for your plastering. I should try that too considering our name ánd availability of those nearby our hyperadobe house in progress. Can you tell why you use these, is the mixture waterproof, or is it just convenience, the clay content? And one more burning question. Why don't you buy yourself a bucket to trow out the gravel?

  3. Give this man unlimited resources and he will build a house with proper interior and carpeting on the floors and the house will be underground

  4. എനിക്ക് ഇതുപോലെ ഒരു വീട് നിർമിച്ചു തരോ സേട്ടാ… കേരളത്തിൽ വേണം.

  5. Entertaining, but a little cheating. Used shovels, industrial cement, fuel and workers who are hidden from us. On each new frame, the author with a clean body, shoulders, hair and shorts without dust and sand.

  6. I want to Hire you for a project, if you're interested in a business relation ship, do mail me at cto@vimanatechnology.com Thank you! Great Video!

  7. Imagine walking into his house and you see a computer and many cameras. You’d be like huh?
    Why all this stuff in a clay house in the middle of the woods

  8. Y’all are gonna get mad at this guy and give him 16k unnecessary dislikes because he’s “destroying homes” when there are millions of businesses and companies doing so much worse and giving nothing back. Stop this ignorance.


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