Diary Of A Player 1


In view of still maintaining his swag as a big time player Jef (Van Vicker) continues to devise strategies to fool around with the three ladies, Elfrida (Mercy Johnson), Jessica (Oge Okoye), and Zainab (Yvonne Nelson). But this time around the player i played on his own game


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  1. Once a player always a player omg Van you did play these girls and one was madly inlove with you deeply not knowing you're a player gosh anyways nice one cheers.

  2. The day Joseph Van Vicker accepts his brother Frank P. Vicker in Liberia it will be amazing.  Until then he will always be a liar who denies everything sand even his birthplace of Liberia. I wish their Dutch dad from Holland was alive  so vans family wouldn't be able to get in his ear Other then that the proof is in their resemblance. Have you seen the kid Frank P.Vicker(see facebook page). He is acting/directing in Liberia where Van is from.
    When Frank has his first son,I guarantee he will resemble Vans son and Van will drop to the ground in shame. He already let 30 years go without a relationship formed. Hopefully that day it will end!Van wake up and accept your brother.

  3. Van Vicker is very sexy. Very very sexy lol. What part of Africa is he from?
    Great Movie. Very enjoyable. I always enjoy Nollywood movies. A lot of the movies are using African American style music and singing. Keep up the good work, but chill out with the background music.

  4. am coming to nigeria just to see all the actors and actresses…i realy like nigerian movies….so much i have been watching this for 11 years now


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