Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword build (Timelapse)


This is an accurate, full-size hardened steel version the Buster Sword from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. The blade is made of hardened steel and is 72″ long while weighing 45lbs/20kg.

A few pics of the completed sword:

You can watch the full-length build video for this sword here:

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  1. Que crisis core?? Es la espada de cloud de toda la vida.. que se la da zack en crisis core? Si, pero es algo que se sabe muchos años después. Se la conoce como la espada de cloud

  2. actually, it was angeal hewley's buster sword in ff7 crisis core before it was passed down to zack fair and then to cloud strife.. i can't imagine how heavy it is to be used as a weapon..


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