Creating Fully Working Forms Without Any Code


Smart Forms is a cool new Bootstrap Studio feature. It lets you build HTML forms that are automatically delivered to your email address when they are submitted. Get it for free at



  1. You can see more video tutorial about bootstrapstudio on my channel

  2. I've been trying to use this, but when I preview the page with the form and hit send, nothing happens. I've followed all the steps in the video

  3. Good product. But I think must better in user support. I am having problems installing and using BootStrap Studio. I checked for a solution on their site, no solution. Used the contact us featured; NO REPLY

  4. Hi! Thank you for your videos! I have a request, please keep going makes videos like that, please! I am a subscriber since a two years old.

  5. Great Tutorial, Bootstrap studio is great and easy to use… Im trying to create a mega menu with drop down elements and icons like the one on Please help

  6. You all nailed it with this feature, another reason to use Bootstrapstudio, I'm glad I paid for the fulltime license.

  7. i will like to know how to install this, Basic Audio Player For Bootstrap – jQuery vpplayer

    send me a video on how to use it pls.

  8. Please offer bootstrap on the windows store or the steam marketplace. I don’t have a credit card and prefer buying software there.

  9. The form does not submit when the file input is included in the form even though I add a name attribute. The smart validation for "I'm not a robot" modal appears but does not show the text "I'm not a robot" or the images to be selected, it just freezes.

  10. Love it! Do you have any tutorials or guides on building multi-step wizard forms using Bootstrap studio? I'd love some guidance….Thanks!

  11. How to get rid of captcha? Half the time it forces users to click on images , and it goes in circles, can't submit the form. Needs to be dissabled.

  12. Hello guys, thanks for the video tutorial !! i would like to know … how to make restrictions for the type of file that the user can send as attachement, fix his nature like only pdf ex…. ps: sry for my orthographe im not too good in english.

  13. I'm so glad I bought a lifetime subscription last year. I see you guys update the BSS app regularly. Thank you as well for this awesome feature!

  14. Once again you guys just KILL it! Awesome stuff!
    One addition might be interesting: Included in the Submit a input-type hidden, that let us Bootstrap Studio License Owner select a language customizing the text in the feedback modal. As it might be pretty confusing when the site is all in one language and the feedback then in English? Your toughts?

  15. I have the license for one year of use. After this period does the feature stop working on my client's web page?
    The limitation for 5 email accounts is per project or my license?
    Thanks for the video!

  16. I would like to suggest that you should think to extend the bootstrap studio become a rapid PHP code generator for web application. Just like and

    The market demand for this business is high because more and more business want applications not just static website.


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