Create Bootstrap 4 Grid in Photoshop → along with Baseline Grid


In this Video, you will learn how to create and design Bootstrap 4 Grid for Web Design in Photoshop along with how to create a baseline grid on top of Bootstrap 12 column grid
Build the Bootstrap Grid using Photoshop Grid Layout feature. You don’t need any extra plugin for that

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  1. Hello,

    i watched your typography course in that you created baseline with: base font * line-height. We created a new file and had width 100px and height ex: 27px and then we used the line tool to create a line of 1px height and width of 100%.

    How come in this example you are creating 48px height and then having a 24px box? Shouldnt it be 1px height like in all your other examples?

    Please explain why it isnt 1px line and how you came to 48px conclusion..

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Ahsan , I learnt UI design in Photoshop from your tutorial and app design from Google material design.
    I want to be a complete designer of all the softwares. So what should I do next?


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