Crazy Traffic Saigon – Dare To Cross The Street


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We arrived during TET and we thought … well, traffic is not so bad after all. We changed our mind quickly after the holiday. In this video you can see some fun traffic moments we were able to capture during our first month in Saigon.

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  1. Honestly, I would probably have a panic attack if I had to make a left turn on an intersection without traffic lights.

  2. I dared crossing streets in heavy traffic many times with no problem. You have to go full Zen to do so, just walk and don't think. Motorbikes will flow around you like water. So, earlier this year I was crossing near District 1 on Dien Bien Phu and McDonalds/Popeye Chicken and was thinking what my friends from rural Alaska would think of all the traffic WHAM! next thing I know I am flat on my back looking at the sky. I got knocked down by a motorbike and have a really cool scar in the shape of a map of Vietnam on my leg to prove it.

  3. Don't they know Traffic Lights exist? Besides they don't respect the pedestrian zebra crossing, no, thanks, this discourages me to visit this city one day. This is no fun, seriously.

  4. I guess it's cool that they have apps for this but one of my favorite parts about living in saigon for a year was hailing motorbike taxis (xe om) by making eye contact and making a revving motion with your hand, then probably getting totally ripped off.

  5. Hello! I'm a video producer for INSIDER in New York and we're doing a video on traffic around the world. Could we use your clip in our video? We'll give you credit! Thanks and please let me know.


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