Crackling Mountain Campfire with Relaxing River, Wind and Fire Sounds (HD)


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Here is another beautiful campfire from the high mountain planes of Norway, to create a relaxing outdoor atmosphere just inside your home!

The combination of crackling fire, wind and a gentle flowing mountain stream sounds, makes it ideal to block unwanted background noise from your direct environment. By the way, when watching this video some people hear the Game of Thrones theme in the background 🙂

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3 hrs:
6 hrs:
12 hrs:

It’s a six hour video that was made by looping the best 5 minute of this campfire footage. Everything is edited to make it as calming and soothing as possible.

Shot in full HD 1080p/50fps with a separate high quality stereo audio track.

We hope this recording will serve you well and will draw you out of your daily stress and give you that outdoor feeling! Enjoy!

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  1. For lifestyle PE we do Yoga and other low heart rate things and today we did Meditation with the lights off in the wrestling room and played this– it was so peaceful. I'm gonna have to listen to this everytime I meditate now

  2. Yeah it’s awesome but you know what is better I can walk out my front door because I live off grid in the middle of nowhere different view but same relaxing sound looking at the Milky Way and knowing the stars at night so people you got to get out of the city and live off grid become a better person

  3. omgggg , i'm in middle of exams wnd your video just made me wanna leave everything and go camping <3 thank u guys so muuch keep the good work

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  5. I like to read while listening to this and imagining myself in my campfire at that high mountains with my horse hmmm interesting

  6. We set up camp here… and when the morning peaks we continue our search

    Umm… search for what exactly!?

    I don’t know…

    Oh no his memory’s slipping again

  7. Maybe we are missing something here . But I don’t give a fuck about pretty scenery , or campfires or trekking through the middle of buttfuck nowhere . I care about being stable . I care about my rights to freedom or to defend myself If it’s questioned. I will not spend my life idly bouncing from pillar to post wondering where my next meal is coming from or when I’ll see my children again . You don’t get to drag me to this jurisdiction to that . Reporting old unproven arguments as if they just came into question yesterday . We have wrestled with subjects for years . You have trampled through my life with arrogance and stupidity. If you can not establish a valid provable reason why I can’t be free and your to cowardly to talk to me face to face then step away and quite yourself . There’s no need for you anymore . The path to peace is a very simple one . Put back the things you took . Put back a wife I’m happy with for starters . Someone young and pretty like mine was . Someone who was pure, trusting and loving . Then allow us to make plans share dreams and look to the future together. Shove your campfires and crickets and swamps right up your ass . Wake up this is over .

  8. i love this one cuz the fire & nature ambience is chill; other videos the fire be all loud n fast n crazy. this one is soothing ☺❤

  9. Shame on the thumb down trolls. That many people can actually dislike something this calming ? They're obviously very unhappy people and want to try to make everyone else unhappy. This is a wonderful calming video , thank you for taking the time to do this for us. There are many more of us that appreciate you than there could ever be unhappy hateful people. God bless you, and happy holidays, thank you thank you thank you.


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