CPU-Z Stress CPU | Stress Testing i7-2600k with Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO


CPU-Z Stress CPU | Stress Testing i7-2600k with Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

In this Windows video I will be stress testing my i7-2600k with the CPU-Z Stress CPU | Stress Testing i7-2600k with Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO fitted and we will be taking a look at just how high the temps get. Will the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO be up to the task of keeping my i7-2600k nice and cold?

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  1. My i7 2600k at 3.8Ghz even with Corsair H100i using 60% of CPU is getting 70 degrees. When idle, 40. But I remember a time when I could run at 100% cpu and get less than 70 degrees even at 4.6 Ghz. I don´t know where´s the problem.

  2. are u kidding me bro? is that how u stress test ur CPU at least Try something like Aida64 and try some Cinebench scores to see if there is some actual gains in Temps over stock.
    and try to OC that CPU at least to 4.4 or 4.2 on stock voltages.and give the Cooler some real stress and see if it really performs that good.
    Sandy bridge CPUs are already soldered and that means Temps shouldn't go up like their latest Gen CPUs when OCing.
    if u have a good chip 4.4 GHZ can be doable on 1.25 volts.
    try some and stress test it so we can see if the cooler is up to the task.
    and u can get some extra frames in ur games and shave off some waiting when rendering ur videos.

  3. Thanks for the quick reply and the follow-up video, I greatly appreciate it! I decided not to go for the EVO 212, which is a great cooler, and decided to get the Cryorig H7 which offers a slight temp advantage over the 212, but roughly in the same performance class for the price range and because of the aesthetics / design of the H7. I wish I had the K version of the chip, but it doesn't support VT-d, which is why at the time I went for the non-k version. From what I read, it's very common to get to 4.4GHz on the 2600K which is an awesome overclock with a good cooler like the EVO 212.

    The only snag is, although I got the Antec 900 revised edition with the motherboard tray brace cooler cutout, it doesn't have room to mount the screws for the brace frame (too narrow of a cut out), so I have no choice but to remove the motherboard, so I'm going to do mine over the weekend, as it's going to be a good 3 hour project with all the stuff I have in there/connected internally/externally.

    Thanks again, and I've subscribed!


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