COVID-19: Vietnam quarantines commune of 10,000 people to curb spread of coronavirus


Vietnamese authorities have locked down a commune of 10,000 people after six cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus were discovered there. It’s the first mass quarantine outside of China since the virus first emerged from Wuhan. CNA’s Tung Ngo tells us more about Son Loi, 40km from Hanoi.

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  1. Good Luck Vietnam… We Koreans understand why you ban entry of South Korea but unfortunate that you guys didn't ban stupid Japan..

  2. Vietnam is not reporting the true number. A country that is just sitting right next to China n has very closed relationship with the Chinese in everything, from family to trading, has reported 16fir the next 10days without a single increase even though they said they lockdown the village that is having a outbreak. What a bullshit !!!

  3. Hôm trước nói hết bệnh ròi 16/16 người đã xuất viện bây giờ nói 10.000 nguời nhiễm bệnh, chắc ngửi thấy mùi tiền 2 tỉ Đô Trump mới đưa ra

  4. Okay well that is very interesting. Can you use social media to handle the logistics like food, medicins, etc ? There is an open gate to sociological discoveries. IT can help, you can show the world. Now every comunity find new ways, show yours !

  5. After watching this video I know now we are doomed is these are countries that are now in a level of education higher than many other nations imagined is spreading into countries of third world countries like central Latin America and Africa we are right now completely doom

  6. If you wanted to make a video to show how not to spread the virus with a thermometer people should watch how the authorities in Cambodia are performing their test with that thermometer pressing it in the head of each person that comes in to the checkpoint

  7. Look up UK Dr John Campbell. He explains Isolation vs quarantine and how to keep your family safe from the spread of germs. 5 cases in Vietnam … they need to understand the body temperature only rises after the illness is established and there can be asymptotic carriers spreading the virus. How can poorly educated learn this rapidly? In 3 weeks likely 1/2 Vietnamese population will be carriers. That thermometer needs to be wiped with alcohol and disinfected between each person.


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