Could Cloud's Sword Be REAL?


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  1. I had a homemade replica that I got from a friend that weighed 17 lbs, with roughly 3 of that being in the handle and hilt. I practiced swinging it and eventually got really good at halfting it. Might even be able to fight with it for real while halfting it. Plus, it's heavy enough that it's damn-near impossible to block or parry, so the opponent would constantly be worried about a lethal trade at best. You could also just hold it above the opponent and let it drop. And the weight of it would make it lethal simply from momentum even after you died. Also, the large width makes for a pseudo shield while halfting and the leverage from the width means that almost no pressure is required for it to cleave through enemy weapons while halfting. It's weight just kid of knocks opposing weapons out of the way simply by moving it into them, too.

    I think the real reason it wouldn't be viable is material costs, weight of transport, and strength/mass requirement to use.

  2. I'm saying his sword weighed at around 20 Ibs, so Cloud couldn't but a person that lifts 300 or more can. Seriously I lifted a normal broad sword, and it was heavy, I can lift 200 Ibs.

  3. Sry, and that video was a two-handed sword, a claymore blade is 47 in, but 6 Ibs. The sword in braveheart , two- handed blade is 50 in, ad weight is the same. See the difference. One is longer but more slender. A Nodachi is a big Katana. Closes sword I'd think of is like the Uruk-hai sword, but two-handed.

  4. Said before, sword in Braveheart was a two-Handed sword, not a claymore. There is a difference. Claymore is slightly shorter but more umgh to it.

  5. Thank you. This actually helped me out tremendously. I had a steel version of Renjis Zabimaru from bleach that I was training with to help me build up my speed with a katana… but it broke under it's own weight… however it is funny because I kept explaining to people that it is like swinging a stick with a cinder block on it. Lol I am working on a more cost effective weighted training sword and i think that you just gave me what i needed sir. Thank you!

  6. Go search up demolition ranch, he has this exact sword which him and and robert oberst used to destroy there car, and the top ten strong man had trouble picking it up, im not sure the exact video but search up DemolitionRanch and you should be able to find it

  7. I do appreciate the topic of the video, I really do, however, we need to remember that Cloud was infused with Mako when he joined SOLDIER. Don't get me wrong, as he pointed out in his conclusion, it is entirely possible that Cloud could wield the sword, given some exercise and practice, but with the Mako enhancements, SOLDIER practically forced his body to be able to wield it

  8. I mean come-on ppl! We have tons of footage of Cloud using this and other large swords in every manner seemingly effortlessly. What? Are you gonna tell me that it's all been from something fictional, like a video game or something? Oh wait…

  9. Leave that kind of videos to sword experts
    Cloud's Sword is completelu unpractical, too wide, too heavy and overall bad

  10. Ok first the sword is shorter than cloud him self the sword it's self is only five feet long that includes the handle and the handle is about two feet making the blade three feet which is about the size of an average long sword handle included therefore it's alot shorter than what people make it out to be and cloud is only five foot three inches you made him taller so yeah next time do the research well I guess you just got it wrong

  11. Considering it weights about 30kg and cloud weighs about 60kg, every time he took a swing it'd send him flying.

    Doesn't matter if you have super strength, this would happen regardless because physics.

  12. theres no way this is right cuz I've helf a replica of this sword that wasn't even half the size and it was heavy af.


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