CLG vs DIG | Week 1 | LCS Spring Split | Counter Logic Gaming vs Dignitas (2020)


VOD of Counter Logic Gaming vs Dignitas
LCS Spring Split 2020

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
Ruin – Top Ornn
Wiggily – Jungle Rek’Sai
Crown – Mid Cassiopeia
Stixxay – Bot Senna
Smoothie – Support Leona

Dignitas Lineup:
Huni – Top Renekton
Grig – Jungle Elise
Froggen – Mid Viktor
Johnsun – Bot Ashe
aphromoo – Support Tahm Kench

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  1. how is it possible to play this bad? if CLG is not the 10th best team in NA right now then i am worried about MSI, this game made DIG look good, which means that there is literally no quality practise for top teams..

  2. HUNI is my favorite player 🙂 aphro played really well though, a good support is 2nd to none… excited to see dig this split, they look pretty good!

  3. Dig with a well played game overall. Good shot calling & everyone doing their job👍🏾. They had CLG backpedaling all game.


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