CHEAP CAR BATTLE!!! Who Bought the Best Car For UNDER $1,500?? (drag race, rally cross, oval track)


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Here we go! The FREEDOM GAMES first official race! What do you guys think??
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  1. Some of y’all doubted me and you know who you are… it’s the MONTH OF FREEDOM!!! Almost lost her with 20 minutes to spare 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Put maccas (McDonald’s) serving trays under the back wheels of the Nissan with handbrake on and send it on the skid pad!!

  3. Wow. I havent watched an episode in a long time. Production value went thru the roof. I may start watching again

  4. If you watched this entire video beginning to end, and you didn’t push the like button, and your not subscribed. You deserve to get shat on by 100 Bald Eagles.

  5. Fly to West coast and buy cars. Cross country home and let us come up with challenges in our hometowns as you make your way home.

  6. You guys should get one of those supercharged Cobalts or Saturns 😀 Coop would like it more for sure haha

  7. I’m more of fan of the handheld GoPro videos. Appreciate you trying somthing new and always trying to better yourself but this feels staged. Hell yeah brother. Keep making fire content

  8. If you had put the cobalt In I it would’ve had much more balls I know this as I drive a cobalt lt as my daily

  9. hey guys. we race cavi/cobalt/saturns on dirt…..the rear hub is junk!!! they break off and you flip…. look up campbell race technology on facebook. they can hook you up with a machined hardened hub and spindle

  10. Build them with a $1000-$1500 budget build! (Dino, drag, track, and best 100ft time to see how big of a difference between FWD, RWD, and AWD!) then comparing from stock to built!

  11. I had to watch this in 3 parts to enjoy it. Enjoyed every minute my friends, this is why I love this channel. God Bless America 💜💜💜

  12. Do an offroad race with cars on monster truck tires. It definitely wouldn't be the first time I have seen a Camaro with mud bog tires on it. Race em through mud bogs, over grasslands with jumps, finish off in that slick red clay they have in the mountains of Murfreesboro Tennessee. First guy to the top of the hill wins. Bonus….do the mountain portion in the rain….when it is SUPER SLICK.

  13. I think cooper has a great idea about the gnarly off roading adventure right up McFarland enterprises alley

  14. Cleeter, Garret, brother in hoonage, please for the love of dale check your Instagram DMs for a message from @garret.kloska


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