Center logo in navbar Perfect Coding (Most people do it wrong way)


Center logo in navbar Perfect Coding (Most people do it wrong way). Most of the time if logo is in center lt looks much better then topical left or right align logo. However, I found most people do it wrong way. Therefore, I create this tutorial. If you interested to create a logo in right way, continue this tutorial.

Center logo in Responsive Navigation Bar with HTML and CSS Perfect Coding | Part 2

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  1. i was hoping for the best to learn in uni but what i learnt there was just a simple basic in all major subjects for three years in total. here what i found you in is real world, i would say so. given explanation are great as well. thanks a lot and salute you, sir ! subscribed !

  2. For some reason, I cant get .inner_main_menu {margin: 0 auto; width:1170px;} to work. The rest of the css codes is working, but the navigation won't move away from the left margin. I've copied and past to make sure I wasn't making any type-os, and I even started a brand new document and followed you code exactly to that part, and it's still not moving away the left margin


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