CAPRICORN: This Is Make Or Break For You.. March General Love Reading


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This is a general love reading for the Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and/or stellium sign of Capricorn! Cross-watchers are welcome as well! Please like, share and subscribe if this resonated with you!

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  2. Wearing baby blue jumper right now, just ended my 6 year relationship with a Sag. When i let go it did cause him to express his emotions but I’m so done. Newly talking to another Cap he wears a long chain and i do feel stagnant with him no emotions involved and we do sleep a lot literally knocked out together

  3. Dated my Aries for 2 years , he’s always accusing me of cheating , comes to my house and argues , so the argument under the house is true he’s very short tempered and irrational , but I love him tho 😩 he just needs therapy y’all

  4. Exactly| I only want clarity behind this thing. I want to move forward after all. I think I will just give myself/him a time until May/June 2020. If things isn't moving forward I will just going to forget everything. I'm going to shut down my social media accounts for good. I need to regain my life. I just wan to hear a Yes/No answer that's it. May the spirit guides, angels and saints help me.

  5. Okay this is crazy! I am using a baby blue blanket while reding this, that blue sky thing happened, i do have dimples, on the 7th i saw him at a bar leaving with another girl in front of me… oh goodness! I really hope he makes some move towards me and we have reconciliation. Thanks a lot for this, you’re amazing

  6. I don't sleep in one's house I do let her sleep over though 😂 she's a virgo ♍ my house is haunted so with that said anyone is welcome 😂

  7. Capricorn here ex wife is sagittarius. I don't want her back period just my daughter. I'll be more than happy if she tells the fu@&ing true in Court she can show me there but my answer is still no

  8. My Ex now Aquarius was cheating and yes he really hurt me. We weren't having sex because he had ED. Our bond was based more so on friendship. I feel completely betrayed.I did gain wait.I'm working on me.We haven't spoke in a week. I'm glad it's over. It was Toxic. He was a compulsive liar trying to play multiple women, while "Sleeping " with me.I blocked him.I wasted over 2years.I'm mad as hell.

  9. pls dont be too accurate! LOL because im wearing baby blue now and i do received message during hearing this.. ❤️

  10. Damn I’m a CAPPY dealing with a 16 yr relationship with a Taurus ♉️ I am wearing sky blue in bed listening I do readings also I need u to do me I do you😂😂😂😂🤗

  11. OK.. Cap dealing with Sag… We both have dimples… And yes I'm wearing baby blue jumper while listening to this… Yes very stagnant, said all I can now – no comms and yes feel like I'm the only one trying. She's not a musician but a dancer… So yeah this has largely resonated. Thanks!


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