Call Of Duty League 2020 Season | Launch Weekend | Day 1


The inaugural season of the Call Of Duty League begins with the Call Of Duty League Launch Weekend hosted by Minnesota Røkkr at the Minneapolis Armory, January 24-26, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This first-ever event in the new league will feature all 12 teams competing live and in-person over the course of three days of matches.

The Call Of Duty League Launch Weekend is more than just an action-packed home series for Minnesota Røkkr; it is a celebration of every new team for fans and players alike. The event will feature player meet-and-greets, engaging fan activities and live experiences throughout the weekend.

In addition to the 12 professional teams, the Call Of Duty League stars of tomorrow are competing to make a name for themselves in the amateur Call Of Duty Challengers series on a secondary stage at The Armory.

Friday, Jan. 24 @ 4:30pm CST
Saturday, Jan. 25 @ 1:30pm CST
Sunday, Jan. 26 @ 1:30pm CST

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  1. COD is love CoD is life like always playing with own playlist that has Delta Parole or some McR. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzz

  2. So excited this and overwatch league are on YouTube. Definitely less lag and don't have to deal with chat spams like on twitch. Gonna miss seeing pogchamp emote tho

  3. Chicago v Dallas
    Map 1 – 1:53:26
    Map 2 – 2:12:30
    Map 3 – 2:35:25
    Map 4 – 2:53:47
    Seattle v Florida
    Map 1 3:41:22
    Map 2 4:01:47
    Map 3 4:23:24
    Map 4 4:41:15
    Map 5 5:05:17
    Minnesota v LA G
    Map 1 6:04:10

  4. Quit complaining about the damn camera. The other views are fine. Why do you people HAVE to see a fpp? It's not like we haven't seen their streams or haven't ever seen COD in first person. When there is a multi person fight on a point, I like the area camera so I can see where the fuck people are and not only 1 person shooting with a kill feed.

  5. Won’t be watching much of this year if this is how it is. Opening day so I’ll wait to see if changes are made but this was a pretty tough watch.

    Doesn’t help this game probably boasts some of the worst collective maps in a while. Hackney Yards is good but everything else just… meh. Piccadilly is just straight up bad.

    Biggest issue with the broadcast was in game that 3rd person view is brutal. Completely takes away from the game. I don’t want to see an outside shot of a hard point no one is in while gun fights are going down.

    The Hosts didn’t even seem like they wanted to be there half the time.

    And probably most important question: Why on Earth do you even give teams the option to USE restricted items??? Just have them banned like in literally every other Pro COD game since BO3….


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