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  1. MisterFantasmo I have a question. I have a friend that is a girl and I have no plans to make her my girlfriend, but she has an older sister that is drop dead gorgeous and I want to date how do I get the older sister without hurting my friend.

  2. @MisterFantasmo . So, here are my results, as I do not frequent twitter. 1. I cleaned up around the house more (Women like clean shit) 2. I made some art out of a meaningful piece of dating memorabilia (thoughtful shit) 3. I woke up with and helped with the kids a little more (Well rested wife) Results: #VAG more. Disclaimer: results not immediate, but very worth while. Thanks again!

  3. hey misterfantasmo there are these two girls at my school. i like one of them alot but i don't think she feels the same way about me. the other girl has asked me out but i do not like her the same way that i like the other girl… and to make it worse the two girls are best friends.. can you help me?

  4. So MisterFantasmo, I saw this girl that I like in school and I am thinking of approaching her. Do you think five cents will be enough to cover her services?

  5. lol last video i commented and my "friend" found it and posted it on facebook so now everyone knows, but they dont understand that it was a FUCKING JOKE

  6. Hey Mister fantasmo my name is Shawn I been having relationship problems with my girlfriend I'm 17and she's 18, anyways I've watched alot of call of booty videos and I was wondering if I should say something to her about her pregnancy test we have had sex and I really don't know what to ask her so please write back thanks.

  7. @MisterFantasmo. Thank you for the advise. I think the best advise is often times the most simple. I will keep you updated on my attempt to "keep it fresh". I have a special op planned very soon (Operation Panty Dropper)

  8. Mr. Fantasmo, this is a little out there, but i met this girl on chatroulette and we exchanged facebooks and numbers. We've been talking for a few months now. I feel like she is interested in me because she usually messages first and i really enjoy talking to her. Im trying to get her to visit me, but the only problem is that i live in Indiana and she lives in Portugal. Any advice would be much appreciated

  9. so there's this girl that I've liked for a little while, but I'm not sure how to find more ways to talk to her? She's usually surrounded by friends who i don't know, and we don't sit near each other in class, any ideas on excuses to start conversations with her?

  10. Dear Misterfantasmo, There's this chick I've been dating for 3 months how do i controll my self from killing every guy she hangs out with. I also have Trust Issues how can i get better at trusting my girlfriend. It's not that i don't trust her it's i don't trust the guys around her. Please answering this question would be very appreciated.

  11. U could talk to your friend about it. Maybe it is al long time ago and he wish you the best of luck. If not, u could try to convince him.
    Most of the times if it wasn´t serieus they wont be bother with it. Especially when they broke up as friends.

  12. A friend of mines whos youtube name is uhhhh BoardingWithUnicorns wants to know…. What advice would you give to a guy that is continuously friendzoned?


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