Cafe Racer Brixton Bx 125 Motorcycle – Maximum Speed on Flat Road


This time I use my action cam (rollei 425) on the chin of the helmet. This angle favors the video, because it creates more adrenaline and gives a greater sensation of speed. (If you pretend to use a action cam I suggest you to use on the chin. The difference is huge. You can check my old videos to confirm that).

In my opinion this is my best video ever. It has images of overtaking, dangerous curves and maximum speed of my little motorcycle (Brixton Bx 125 – 2017).

Maximum speed on video (flat road):
112 km/h (69,5 miles)

Not to much, but being a 125 motorcycle is not bad. What did you think? Do you have a 125 bike? How much speed do you get on a flat road?

Note: I’ve already reached 124 km/h (77miles) on downhill. It’s the most it can give.



  1. Hi, despite the fact that it's a small engine motorcycle, is it fun to ride ? The lack of power Isn't it too frustrating ?

  2. I have a Suzuki Intruder 125 here in Brazil. I travel with it between 85 / 90km / h with top speed of 115km / h in the plane. is very good for my needs of economic transport and even guarantees adrenaline in roads with many curves.

  3. i have a suzuki fx 2000 model and in its early days reached 130 with ease in flat road. i think in these type of motorcycles such as brixton they should make them go 110 with ease so you wont burn the engine.

  4. I have a 2008 Suzuki Address FL-125 (4-speed with auto clutch). With stock air filter, exhaust and sprockets (14T front and 34T rear) it can top a 105-110 on flat road and 115-120 on downhill roads. I once saw it going as fast as 130 but this happens rarely. Typically 100-110 is a normal top speed for 125cc motorbikes therefore your Brixton does fine for its category.


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