C++ Tutorial – 21 – Switch Statement


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  1. I need your help. How do you do this?
    Using Switch Statement Create a program that asks the user to enter ID number then displays the Name, Grade and Section, Birth date and Gender of the owner of the ID number. You may use any information for the name, gender, grade and section and birthdate but the ID number indicated which are 1111, 1110, 1101, 1100, 1011, 1010, 1001, 1000 has to be followed.

  2. Jesus christ please delete that stupid fucking system("pause") statement before I hang myself, you have to be self taught bc any environment where you work as a dev, they would have eaten you alive.

  3. Design a system(Code) that will increment a count by one each and every time if the switch is pressed. When it reaches 4, LEDs must alternate bits, repeatedly. The leds are connected from an 8bit PORTC and switch on PORTE.
    1x pic18f458 mcu, 1x Crystal, 2x ceramic capacitor, 8x green LEDs, 1x red led, 9x 470ohm Resistor and 2x 10kohm resistor

  4. Check out this link for more information about switch: https://www.okprogrammerblog.com/single-post/2017/12/21/Be-OK-with-C-language-switch-statement

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  6. 1. Write a C++ program to input marks of five subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computer. Calculate the average and grade according to following: (10 marks)
    Percentage >= 90% : Grade A
    Percentage >= 80% : Grade B
    Percentage >= 70% : Grade C
    Percentage >= 60% : Grade D
    Percentage >= 40% : Grade E
    Percentage < 40% : Grade F
    a. Using if … else
    b. Using switch
    someone help me out


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