Buzzing All My Hair Off


*Crosses off my bucket list* Well that’s one more thing down!
UPDATE: I LOVE my short hair a year later, and have kept it short! 

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  1. I really want my hair all cut off, I live at home and my mum's like
    "oh, like a BOYS haircut? You'd look SO UGLY"
    I do not share her views.

  2. Wasn't sure, but love it, you are young and beautiful and have the perfect shaped face for it!!!!😍🤩😍👍💜💙💫

  3. Omg I just a few days ago found your channel. And I feel like your short hair suites tou so well. You look so empowered with short hair and I love it.

  4. Uuh, I loved your long hair but you look so much prettier with short hair!! Very nice move! I´m also still thinking about cutting my hair off again. I have now long hair for more than 6 months and I had shorter hair for like about 4 years and I loved it but also wanted my long hair back. So I grew it back and now I´m like… now what?! 😀 I love my long hair but I like and miss unpredictability of my short hair. 😀

  5. Wow! Been watching your vids for awhile now and had no idea your hair was so long!!! I, personally, think the short is much more you…though maybe that's just because that's how I "met" you. Kinda jealous now too…I had super short hair for many years in my college days and only had one good hair cut that entire time…

  6. You’re literally the cutest! I just did this a few years ago! So healing! Blessings goddess! 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  7. I’ve watched all your latest videos and had no idea you had long hair prior and I think you can tell you’re so much happier at the end of the video than the start

  8. For when you review the comments on this video someday… Please bring that glorious hair back. So mote it be.

  9. I had never seen you with hair before. It was gorgeous but I just love the way you look today! I'm so happy you are so happy with your choice 🖤

  10. You look so happy, I just got mine cut after 4 years of growth, not very happy lol but I guess it does grow back….

  11. facing fear I did the same years ago cut off all my hair and even shaved my head of course I cut my own hair with clippers # 2

  12. I honestly really dislike short hair on girls, because I love long, wild hair and I love how it makes women look so wild and free, but you look SO good with short hair!

  13. I got really BAD (Dying actually) SICK and … Well I had to buzz off my long hair but OMG!!!!!!! It was the BEST thing I have EVER done, and so FREEING!!!!!!! =-D!!!!!!! To this day I still buzz it off during the summer. I just wish I could be accepted for it. Sadly and terribly it came about from death basically and I had to do it myself, and didn't get anywhere near as nice and even a cut as you got, but still the WONDERFUL FREE Feeling I got from it, I decided to Forever go short! =-D!!!!!!! And now that I'm old it makes me look so much younger. =-)! I'm so THANKFUL you made this video, Thank You So Much =-) <3 <3 <3 =-)! You were EXTREMELY BRAVE to not only do this but to record everyone's reactions and then to post it, WOW! =*-)! I'm so GLAD you have such EXCELLENT Support (I never and still don't have that). But the reactions you had, during but even before and after, I had the same or similar feelings (from what it looked like). Thanks for Showing Those Reactions because I thought I was "Doing EVIL" or "Possessed" or "Nuts" as everyone said (everyone around me has truly, deeply and intimately made me doubt myself) and that those reactions were, "a sign that I should NOT have done something so Blasphemous as that/this!" Now because of this video I KNOW that those feelings and reactions are NORMAL and NATURAL for doing something so Big, Changing and Personal as shaving off your hair. THANK YOU SO MUCH = *-)!!!!!!!. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 =-)!

  14. I know I'm almost 2 years late, but I wanted you to know… I did that. Twice! Got my hair all the way to my waist and buzzed it. Donated them both times. And yeah. It is just like that LOL

  15. i also want to try having buzzed hair. i already have clippers and i'm gonna do it after finishing my research paper 🙂

  16. From 2019 – Cutting your isn't a big deal unless you feel your hair is a part of your identity. It's hair. It grows back. My has has down past my ass and in a crew cut. Other people had an issue with me cutting my hair, but I never did. The one question I hated was – Did you ask your husband/boyfriend first? No. It isn't his hair, it's mine and I shall with it as I choose. 🙂


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