Buzz Lightyear 911


I Have proof that Osama Bin Laden was not responsible for 911 but Buzz Lightyear was!



  1. Disney hired him to do it. If you wanna look at the people who have the most terrorists on their payroll, look at Disney.

  2. This video made me laugh and for those of you who think he is disrespecting the millions of people who died in 9/11 grow up

  3. *woody*: Buzz, we missed the truck!
    *Buzz*: We aren't heading for the truck!

    ~*Plane smashes into the twin towers in NY*~

  4. I have a question for all families of 9/11 victims… many condolences to the victims. This video is a joke, dont take it seriously, anyway my question is, if you knew this video was going to offend you, why did you bother clicking on it?

  5. i like how the people that tells you not to be offended are the most offended pieces of shits in the comment section im not butthurt i just find it ironic

  6. i like how easily you americans are offended you killed arround 200 000 innocent people when you dropped your bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki you killed countless civilians while you were interfering with countries in arabia you killed thousands of slaves when you transported them to america to do your work….. and yet your ranking an event in which 3000 people died higher than all of these atrocities…… dont worry my country did just as many bad things but atleast im not complaining for 2 decades when a couple of my fellow citizens die

  7. You see, it impresses me how Americans take an event of the past decade so seriously, and don't care about much worse humanitarianism disasters from the past, like the 20th century dictatorships.

    Ah, they didn't lose parents in wars? Well, they should have lost more, until they learn to get over it!


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