Buying a motorcycle in Saigon


Our first day in Saigon, we don’t wast any time and buy a honda win in true backpacking tradition: next up is a trip across Vietnam! Starting in Ho Chi Minh City, we ride to Hanoi 🙂

Music by Hans Atom – Diffused:


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I’m Elizabeth, I love traveling and making video. I hope you enjoy my channel!

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  1. There is literally nothing in this video about buying a motorcycle in Saigon until you reveal a set of keys in your hand 85% of the video in. But… ok!

  2. Northern Vietnam has got nice temperature 4 months of the year
    But the down side is all the smog
    Blows in from China .
    The air pollution is out of control

  3. I had the same attitude, what ingenious people, I loved Vietnam, the food the people the weather too, they must be a very proud nation, they saw off the French and beat the Americans.

  4. You Can get dried jackfruit at asian markets or amazon even though we do have fresh one in U.S but I do like the dried one. Thank you for the video which I like to know how tourists use the transportation in VN… 🙂

  5. I did a month out in vietnam and just rented individually in diff cities but you're motivating me to do it this way. Awesome vlogs. Keep it up! You got a new subscriber.

  6. Wow, just saw your summary video of Vietnam. It was on our wishlist, now it's the number one on it. Do you think we can do it on a scooter too?
    Love your trips and videos; you have another subscriber 🙂

  7. You sound like French-Canadian? Anyway you can buy jackfruit in Canada during season in some Asian grocery store or Chinatown like Toronto or Vancouver BC.

  8. Hello from Texas you cute Canadian!    Love the videos and your not annoying like some people that vlog so keep up the good work.   I'll be in Vietnam for 3 weeks in july and have a question for you.   Where do y'all keep the motorcycle parked at night and do you have to worry about it getting stolen?

  9. I remember riding my first motorbike through a round about in Saigon. Scariest thing in the world. Good luck with the adventure, I'll be following 🙂 I make travel videos over at would mean a heap if you could get over, sub and join our little community. Regardless, you're awesome. Keep up the great work 🙂

  10. I've been really itching to get a motorcycle for awhile now, and this video has only served to fuel that desire. Definitely looking forward to seeing how having one affects the way you travel. Great vlog as always, keep it up!

  11. That's so cool you bought a bike! What a great trip it'll be riding up the coast on it! Congrats! And you'll take us along too! My daughter makes an awesome soup like the one you were eating, love it so much! Lots of love and safe travels!


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