Business Plan Pro Premier Edition v12 * 1-MINUTE REVIEW



Business Plan Pro Complete Premier Edition v12

We were looking for a program for making good looking business plans. There are a bunch of them available. Some are online services (even Palo Alto, the makers of Business Plan Pro have one called Live Plan) and some are plain templates for different software platforms. Business Plan Pro Complete Premier edition seemed to have the best reputation, so we had a look at it.

Many seem to think that the program is not the best tool for highly experienced entrepreneurs, but it suited all of our needs when making reports with nice charts and graphs. The guides are great and help you through all the steps. You are limited to the +500 sample plans that they provide without the ability to upload more, but I doubt that any small business wouldn’t find what they need out of them. You get the financial tools to make the detailed graphs, project future income and of course the basic tools like those you would find in Microsoft Word like spellcheck, image importing and document previews.

We hope this was helpful to everyone viewing. If you have any opinions about Business Plan Pro Premier Edition v12, tell us in the comments.


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