Bus Stop Bunker Vault! (Rust Build)


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HDD: Caviar Black 5900rpm 1.5TB

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  1. Of course there are a metric fuck load of little things you can do to improve the base, but this was a fairly cheap/consistently easy design. One key thing I left out was to high-qual the area protecting the TC so I'm hoping people see it in the comments! One more thing, I'm currently live on Twitch if you wanna come say hi 🙂 https://www.twitch.tv/iriskpvp

  2. @ironside @rustchance Cant ban me from YouTube. I bought an ironside from the website to support the channel and irisk banned me because I asked why the stream on twitch was slow. Unsub. Not cool dude. Fast way to lose money.

  3. If you are trying to teach someone a certified thing do not jumpcut and fast forward. Even with video slow rendering it's still nearly impossible to understand.

  4. Like your videos, but for a build video this is not really ideal. Fast forwarded and missing pieces of what u are building makes it very hard to follow, would love to see a longer and slower video of this build though 🙂

  5. The most ridiculous impractical expensive base I've ever seen. Where does the 80000 metal and 110 gears come from? Great fantasy base.

  6. can you stop skipping around its really hard to keep up with, sure it makes the vid longer but it makes it more followable.

  7. and the upkeep is 200M materials… for a freaking Bus stop .. just make a normal base wich is easyer to upkeep and can be unpredictible in size and model.


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