Burgled in Japan TWICE!!


Me and my husband recently moved to Japan. Watch the whole video for a surprising and heartwarming ending.

Thanks again for all the kind messages and support. xx

♡ Thanks ♡



  1. Ohh so sorry for such a horrible experience..but also I'm so glad that everything is okey now!! ☺ What a beautiful gesture by the community!! I Japan and the Japanese culture!!!😃 Now I'm about to what all your vlogmas videos!! 😉 I'm sanding you a lot of hugs and wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart!! Xx 😘❤

  2. The fact that they managed to give you guys the money made me cry…people are so hard to deal with nowadays, so seeing that there is still some good and hope in the world is pretty amazing.

  3. Hi girl.. Long time no seen.. First i wannna talk about the happy thing witch is your marriage.. Congrats i'm. So happy and wish you happy life togather.. Then i'm sorry fir what happend but look what doesn't kill you make you stronger.. So happy for your safety that's what really matter.. Take care.. Love u

  4. It could be a foreigner from the next town or something. Maybe they lived in the area at another time and knows the ins and outs of the place.

  5. Awh Jodie I was devastated for yous when I seen your Instagram story! I’m so glad the community could help you which is wonderful🥰and that you both are able to begin your wonderful journey in Japan!! Looking forward to more videos you’ve been missed ❤️

  6. 題名を日本語で書くなら動画にも日本語字幕入れてほしいです。何言ってるかがわからない

  7. Devastated hearing your news Jodi, but I'm glad there is light to counter act the dark and happy to hear that your community is filled with noble people. I wish you both well going forward.

  8. I think this is a great intro to sharing more aspects of you. If it happened and you feel like you want to share it do it. We're here for you and excited to hear your journey!

  9. Oh love my heart sank when I saw your Instagram story. There's no way you could have known, I think we all get complacent when we lock our doors and assume that's that. What a beautiful thing for your community to do 💗 Been thinking of you both, both take your time now X

  10. So sorry this happened to you, but it absolutely was not your or Jack's fault—it's your home and someone entered it illegally and committed a crime. I'm glad you feel safer now, and what an incredible gift and showing of support by your new community!

  11. I had had congratulated you on Instagram for your wedding, but yet again, congratulations and best wishes!🖤 Also so so sorry for the horrible experience, but is such a powerful learning experience that even tho was sad it did really had and amazing ending or I call it so a new beginning and in hopes that everything continues to get better! I wish you the best and good vibes, I love you! xo

  12. If you ever need help, I live in Chiba and am fluent in English! Your village has some caring people! Hope you have a good time living here😊


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