Burgled in Ghana


We were robbed just after the New Year, although it is upsetting I have seen people have it much worse. Right now I’m just thanking God for His mercy.



  1. I'm not living anywhere where I got to pick up the police & PAY THEM

  2. I lived once in UK in shared house with white guys, and we got robbed at night by white local lads. So everywhere on the World it happens, unfortunately.

  3. one thing that helps is that ghanaians naturally have good upbringing however de economy is hard thats when situations like this occur but its generally a safe country

  4. That's a terrible ordeal. Since security and the police are subpar I would recommend taking other security precautions. For example, you could purchase plywood sheets and shoot 6 inch nails through them. Attach them to the floor in front of all windows. Let the security and neighbors see that you replaced all items that were stolen. The thieves will be informed and return. When they enter the same window again they'll land on the nails. This will cause them to scream. You should keep a pot of boiling water in your bedroom on a small portable propane stove. When you hear the thieves scream throw the boiling water on them and handcuff them. They won't come back again. Hope this helps.

  5. Damn!!!! Im starting to see a pattern in Ghana of thievery. The women on "The Only Way Is Ghana" has been robbed 3 times in Ghana.

  6. Everything u tried to do in Ghana is only Stress … Bad Police Service … Bad goverments …law doesnt work … I am living in GE. and Last year i Beginn to Save some Money to Move in to Ghana to Start some Business …but now i dont cause every step u take there in gh is Money Money . And every Conference President Talk about invest in Ghana . How can we invest a Country like this and end you get only Stress and pain

  7. Does Ghana allow homeowners to own guns and if so had you shot and killed the robber would you be punished for protecting yourself, family and your home? It was a blessing everyone was sleeping and no confrontation occurred. Peace and Happiness. 💙

  8. This is a second video am watching from you and you always complain about heat heat heat and other trivialities to complain about. Please am not being mean but this is turning me off. If you are finding difficult to live here you can leave. Peace.

  9. Robbery was so rare once upon a time in Ghana..when i lived there in late 90's in Accra ..it was hardly heard of…so so sad

  10. Honey i live in a gated community in the U.S. and we get robbed at least once a month. Mostly car break ins and thefts though. Only a couple houses broken in. Gated communities provide a false sense of security. Sorry this happened to you hon.

  11. Sorry that happened to you sister 😢 thankful you & your family are well 😉My husband and I are looking into Ghana for a home but we probably go with a condo building for security and safety.💕😇

  12. My home have been broken in twice in America. But in two separate houses. The only country that I felt totally safe in was Japan.


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