Bullet Force : Biggest HACK!! ( Read Description )


At first I thought this was a hack, or that my account was getting hacked.. bc it was the first time happening to me, I had to post it here since I asked other YouTubers and bc I ain’t famous, they didn’t respond my question. I have reported this to one of the devs on the creators group and he has confirmed that he has reported this to the tech team, so hopefully by the next update this bug is fixed (:

Es un bug bros,



  1. Where are the real people in the comments, only robots as I see. Anyways, the only web app that workes is Gamecrook . It can be found on Google.

  2. GameCrook is the I think sole real web app for getting free gems, coins, gold or whatever. Search google for it if you would like to use it.

  3. Youtube comment section is so toxic these days. Too many spam web sites. I wasted hours of my life using all sorts of web apps from the comments and none works. I did find a Youtube video regarding this website called GameCrook. That one really did work to my surprise.


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