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Promote your business world-wide free and fast through AB Bulk Mailer Christmas Edition .. most popular email marketing software, bulk mailing and email scheduling software that sends million emails every day FREE using gmail, yahoo, msn etc or your web site and can change the destiny of your company within days.. Allows to send/schedule personalized/bullk mails in text/HTML format.Allows import/export of contacts from text files/excel/gmail/facebook. Allows to send mails base on day and hour limit. When your clients reply to your mail, you get informed on a single email address. Contains free email verifier that allows to verify your mailing list contacts and that verifies 5000 email addresses at a time.

Built-in email extractor through which you can grab email addresses from any website/Google Search.You can also surf internet and grab contacts automatically. Designed for higher inbox delivery and no mail ID blocking.Automatic unsubscription.It allows you to send mails yourself. No need to hire people for bulk mailing agencies.Has a very powerful email scheduler.You can add multiple gmail and yahoo accounts to send mails free.Allows you to check bounced mails, inboxes, health of smtp servers. You can also add any smtp server to it and send 30,000 per hour. 100% inbox delivery. Allows you to send unique mails.has a powerful email scheduler through which you can schedule mail sending to contact groups Has a world class contact grouping. The software allows extractimg mails from craigslist, google search, facebook and has built in google analytics which allows you to track visitors of your website. The software allows you to promote your business by posting to facebook and twitter.

it helps to you to grow business using internet in a short time across the world.
it helps you to reach new customers and retain existing customers.
The end customer who is looking for the service that you offer,does not know about you.
It can help you to stay ahead in competition.
The potential customer does not know that you offer the service that they are looking for
At least 1 % of mails can turn into orders. So if you send 1 million mails every day, you may get thousands of orders every day.
It helps you to organise your business and the services in sync with the customer satisfaction
If big companies need email companies, why not you, business comes every where using the same way.
Send Bulk 10,000 to 20,000 Emails A DAY with this AMAZING! Email Bulk sender
Hey Guys this is for all those who want and need a mass email sender that REALLY WORKS so amazingly well!

P.S Shout out to Adam Tran for all your Help!!!
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  1. Got headache after watching this video, the background music volume is very high, and trainer's voice is very low….. aha ha a

  2. You can also use this https://emailmarketingbot2.blogspot.com/ to send bulk emails.Skicka masse-post till ett obegränsat antal framtidsutsikter

  3. Hi i have this software which is great….Problem is that no matter what SMTP you use eventually you will be blocked/shut down. Also if your port 25 is blocked by you IP then you are screwed aswell.. There is nothing you can do about it either. I have tried for two years with no success.

  4. The internet was down in India this is why there was a delay response to order, if you are having support issues please contact me immediately, I'm US authorized re-seller of this software. tmemarketingpro@gmail.com

  5. What a horrible tutorial video I cant fucking understand shit being said here with music and her accent….just bought this software trying to work it out fuck me!

  6. Questions? How to track the result? Like open, link click etc if doing cpa? Is there a way to hook up google analytics too?

  7. You guy don't pick calls and don't answer emails. Reviews are vague so why purchase? It's so sad I tried contacting severally last year to get info called the numbers but no response no call back. And even hear no one has used you software and testified to it's relaibility

  8. can you explain what is this about Price:$ 23(standard version), $ 37 (Corporate version) ? is this a life tiime license or is it monthly license? need to know if you can asnwer this Thanks


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