Build & Publish a Custom Google Chrome Extension


In this video we will build and publish a simple Google Chrome extension to easily access Traversy Media links. This is beginner friendly as it is only HTML, CSS and a bit of JSON. Use it to create your own launcher. If you are interested, please download and rate 🙂


CODE: Github Repo

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  1. every time you say immit what do you type to get the line to finish it self 9:37 "and were using immit as you can see"

  2. I needed this information as I am building a slightly more complex extension for my Master's Thesis, but have never really created a browser extension EVER! xD

  3. This dude. Brad – youre in inspiration. Your breadth of knowledge on so many different topics is insane. Not only that, but I've purchased several of your courses – and you put out super quality paid AND free content. Thanks much.

  4. Hi,
    i have trying to Upload Zip file then show the following error.
    Please suggest me…
    An error occurred: Failed to process your item.
    No manifest found in package. Please make sure to put manifest.json at the root directory of the zip package.

  5. manifest.json at 5:00 ,popup.html at 8:000.Semm this tutorial is just about popup.html. Is there anything more interesting I can find?

  6. Hi. Great stuff you show on your video. Very interesting. Could I write you to some email and ask some questions related to google extensions?

  7. If you want a professional coding program but don't want to spend over 30 minutes downloading and installing it? I have a really cool website I want to show to you! It is

    For the emmet, go to Edit>Emmet: Expand Abbreviation

  8. Can you also please teach us how to convert react app into an extension……
    this is the requirement in my project. I will be grateful if you could help.

  9. Thanks. Is it possible to change the position of that html? Right now it is appearing as pop up window below that extension icon, can we the position, left side center of web page when we click on that icon. Please reply

  10. Hi, how to relocate chrome extension popup on a web page? I need to relocate it on the left side of the page. please help.


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