Bubble Sort: Background & Python Code


In this video we’ll introduce the Bubble Sort algorithm, the most simple of all basic sorting algorithms. We’ll begin by covering the overall idea of the Bubble Sort, then move over to a coding editor and implement the ideas in Python code.

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End song is “Broke For Free” by Night Owl, off the Directionless EP.



  1. Hey @Brian Faure, the link to your github test (https://github.com/felipernb/algorithms.js/blob/master/test/algorithms/sorting/bubble_sort.js) doesn't work. I realise this video is quite old but it was really helpful. Thanks

  2. Don't you need to move your boundary down each while iteration? Else you are checking the ends that are already sorted.

  3. Pls, can you speak a lil bit slower? Your speech is really hard to understand for non-native English speakers(

  4. Took a little time to apply the printout in Python 3, hope you can switch to that in your upcoming videos.
    Really enjoying these otherwise!


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