Bubble Sort Algorithm| Data Structures


Discussed bubble sort algorithm and its program with an example.
Time complexity has also been calculated both in BEST case and WORST case.

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  1. Mam aapne kaha we can modify this inner loop by replacing n-1 with n-1-i but is some cases n-1 is giving the wrong output so n-1-i is not modification but actual logic which should be used here

  2. Mam your teaching way is Great, b/c your way of teaching is best for a begginer, thanx for supporting all students by opening of this channel.
    Last thing i should say you have great…great….experience of teaching.Thanx a lot ma'am.

  3. mam you said in this video that if we take value of j=1 then j will go to <=n-1 but if take it j=1 then one element array will avoid that is arr[0]…

  4. Mam u were explain so good thanku so much ..i ll se this bubble short video ..
    I cleared all the dout..so alot of thanks mam . .thnku😊

  5. i am overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge I received from a single video,it was far better than any lectures till now.


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